Buckwheat apples green tea to lose weight.
Diet Kovalkova Diet kovalkova is a weight loss technique, consisting of a preparatory phase and three main. The author is a dietician and owner of the clinic weight correction Alexey Kovalkov. The advantage of this…


Natural cocoa butter
Cocoa butter Cocoa butter is a product widely used in food and medical industry. Pure natural cocoa butter is the fat obtained by pressing the fruit of the cacao tree. Cocoa beans, from which chocolate…


Strawberry sundae with mint recipe for homemade ice cream
The intricacies of home cooking: The main rule of June – a day without strawberries. Do not miss the opportunity to eat fresh berry vitamin. otherwise you will regret it sometime later, on a cloudy…


Fruit tea

Fruit tea

In our world, tea is an integral part of a nutritious diet of any person. When it comes to tea, we can name a large variety of different types of teas: green, black, red, white, and many others. But this great number hides a fruit tea that is loved by both adults and children.

Fruit tea is a blend of fruits, berries, flowers, leaves and flavorings,which are selected so that the taste and smell, perfectly combined with each other. Fruit teas do not contain caffeine, so they taste something like herbal tea, but the taste is much brighter and more interesting. In the basis of fruit teas are most often found citrus, hibiscus and cinnamon. They give the tea a special acidity and natural taste.

You may think that fruit tea has no useful properties, in comparison with the same Chinese teas, but it is not! Fruit tea is rich in different vitamins that are contained in various fruits and berries. Wondering what to drink fruit tea both hot and cold. In the summer he will be an excellent cool drink, and in winter, substitute warm Continue reading

Healing properties of green tea

We all have long loved green tea. It is offered in a wide range of products in all food stores. Besides being able to enjoy the taste, to cheer up this drink is also able to provide a natural boost of energy and improve health.

When cooking this product leaves subjected to minimal processing that allows you to keep useful properties.

Green tea increases mental activity of the brain, improves memory and the ability to perceive information. Located in tea leaves natural amino acid

has a calming effect and at the same time bracing on the body.

Magic tea drink is a potent source of antioxidants. They do not allow the production of free radicals (a by-product of metabolism) that slows down the aging process.

Green tea lowers bad cholesterol, makes Continue reading

Low-calorie desserts that won’t hurt the figure.

Everyone who has ever lost weight knows that the loss of a cherished kg first need to abandon desserts. Diets, diets, and sweet we want. Well, if you want, and you should not deny yourself. Because dessert can be different. Cream cakes we of course do not fit, Yes, okay.

Simple recipes low calorie desserts

Curd tarts with prunes

Sweet and tasty treat without sugar and dough! Simple recipe, easy to prepare, and dessert is not only tasty, but also nourishing and useful. To cook cottage cheese cheesecakes with prunes, you will need:

— curd 0-2% 250 g;

— one egg;

— 1 sachet of vanilla;

— one tablespoon cocoa;

— baking powder 1 teaspoon;

— a couple of handfuls of prunes;

— 3 tablespoons Continue reading

Cocoa with molokom

Than workout drink

After a heavy and intense workout, our body is a particularly strong need in liquid. A drink or two at the end of training for an athlete is no less important than the right to distribute the load. But what exactly should quench the thirst, if the normal water you’re tired, and

mix for athletes you just not stand? That’s what you think about this poll:

In order to quickly restore muscle after exercise, you should drink cold cocoa. And preferably with milk. As proved by the experiments of scientists from the James Madison University, this drink allows the muscle tissue in the shortest time to return to normal after exercise. And starts relaxing cocoa power much faster than the special drinks meant for athletes.

The fact that cocoa contains the necessary for muscle recovery protein. In addition, it has carbohydrates, which replenish energy reserves of the muscle tissue. If you want to drink cocoa with milk, then in addition to fill a supply of water and potassium ions, calcium and magnesium, Continue reading

Strawberry sundae with mint recipe for homemade ice cream

The intricacies of home cooking:

The main rule of June – a day without strawberries. Do not miss the opportunity to eat fresh berry vitamin. otherwise you will regret it sometime later, on a cloudy winter day… And the best I can be in the heat is ice cream with your favorite syrup !

Sundae (from FR. Glace Plombières) — ice cream high quality cream (milk) and egg yolks with natural fragrances. Be prepared at home sundae you can own, this does not require special sophisticated equipment or training. Just use our recipe!

It would seem, isn’t it easier to buy ice cream at the store? Because made yourself a treat “Mature” in the refrigerator for a long time, more than 5 h. the Question would be rhetorical, if you carefully Continue reading

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